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After working for like 20 yrs in several bodyshops as a painter I decided its time for me to do only things I like,so I quit my job and started restoring, building and painting of hot rods, customs and drag cars. Nostalgia style,custom paint and nostalgia drags is what I like. Located in Asperen, Holland.. So if you need new paint, a full customjob or metalflake on your car, rod, bike or anything else you can think of, contact me at info@pricelesspaint.nl. Visit also my other site, www.pricelesspaint.nl for more projects and photos.

Monday, February 25, 2013

'69 Mustang

Hi all, there's a new project in the shop; a '69 Ford Mustang, a car that needs loads of bodywork, especially because it will be sprayed in glossy black! Since you see everything in gloss black I will be prepping and sanding for weeks :)
More updates soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rusty Dodge!

Hi all, last week I had a truly special paintjob, a friend of mine is crazy about the whole patina / rat-look that is so popular lately and I sprayed his Dodge Van in rust look. He prepped it himself so I could start right away with the fun part; airbrushing the faded logo and lots of rust!
Really fun to do, thanks Rene for letting me rust up your Van :)
Click for a few more pics

Monday, February 4, 2013


Yesterday we had a unveiling party for the '30 Ford, it was great fun and the owner of the car loved it.
 It is a transparent blue with a purple pearl added, and then over a black basecoat, topped off with several coats of clear.
It's very hard to capture the color on film, it changes with the light, inside it has a purple glow, outside it is very dark blue, but when the sun shines it gets a red hue.
It's a 1930 Ford five window with a '32 grille shell, motivation comes from a 350 small block Chevy.
You can click the photo for a few more pics of the car in the spraybooth.