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After working for like 20 yrs in several bodyshops as a painter I decided its time for me to do only things I like,so I quit my job and started restoring, building and painting of hot rods, customs and drag cars. Nostalgia style,custom paint and nostalgia drags is what I like. Located in Asperen, Holland.. So if you need new paint, a full customjob or metalflake on your car, rod, bike or anything else you can think of, contact me at info@pricelesspaint.nl. Visit also my other site, www.pricelesspaint.nl for more projects and photos.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car, the unveiling at Six-Pack, 28-11-2010

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

A great day at Six-Pack, lots of people, met some old friends, made new ones, Cynthia and Rachel from  Performancegirls, beer, great cars and that fantastic flopper!
Before we go on with the spectacular unveiling of the Wild'r at Heart funny car a few more pics of the finished paintwork.
                                           Flakes 'n candy, always dazzling!
                                           Airbrushed headlights
                                           Gold-leaf style lettering

Saturday, November 27, 2010

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

The car is ready but i can't show too much of it till after the unveiling at Six-Pack Speedshop, wich will happen
 Sunday 28 November at the Crazy Sunday meeting
During this day the new dragrace team Liquid Titanium / Wild'r at Heart will be presented to the public.
This brand new, built up from the ground dragster will be the star of the show presented by the hottest girls in town: The Performance Girls
More pictures soon!

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

                                         And we continue with candy apple red...

Friday, November 26, 2010

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

Metalflake it! Its fun to do, i'm using a flakebuster gun here with silver flakes

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

I won't bore everyone with pics of prepping the body, primer, spraying bumpers and windshields and lots more sanding but lets jump to the fun part, spraying the metalflake! On the pic you see the first layer, a bright gold basecoat.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

                                      Gotta love a blown  Hemi!

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

                            Glassin' in all the support struts for the body and the escape hatch

Sunday, November 21, 2010

AA/FC Nostalgia Funny Car

And it will be in metalflake! More updates soon on this awesome project, a 71 Charger nostalgia flopper!

32 Ford

                                      Another project: a 32 Ford, updates soon

ol'skool 41

A while ago i painted Ramon's awesome 41 Willys, sadly the car doesn't exist anymore...

Friday, November 19, 2010


                                            starting to look like a real Buick...


                            almost ready for paint, color will be original Apollo white

Skylark to GSX-look

                          Transforming a boring Buick Skylark into a Buick GSX