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After working for like 20 yrs in several bodyshops as a painter I decided its time for me to do only things I like,so I quit my job and started restoring, building and painting of hot rods, customs and drag cars. Nostalgia style,custom paint and nostalgia drags is what I like. Located in Asperen, Holland.. So if you need new paint, a full customjob or metalflake on your car, rod, bike or anything else you can think of, contact me at info@pricelesspaint.nl. Visit also my other site, www.pricelesspaint.nl for more projects and photos.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Metalflake, I can't get enough of it, everything should be flaked!
So if you want metalflake on your car, motorcycle, bicycle, computer case, fridge,
kitchen cabinets, helmet or whatever you can think of, bring it on!
I even flaked a pair of shoes...

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